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Special Diets

Prolong Your Life, Eat Right Diet


    Caring for the youth of tomorrow!  

    • Every parent wants that their child should live a healthy life and out shine all other kids. It is thus imperative for them to be mentally and physically Strong. Whatever they will eat in their growing years will affect their entire life to come. Desirable food habits beginnings in the nascent stages of life i.e. childhood. Nutritionally adequate diet will not only bring about desirable growth and development but also prevent obesity, underweight, dental caries, growth failure and anaemia etc.
    • Let We request all parents to Gift their child : Ri tus Diet Child Health Plan. It will help the child learn a lifelong habit of right eating which will make them strong mentally and physically
  2. CHILD HEALTH PLAN One Time/ 3 months /Annual
    "Prolong your life, eat Right Diet" - Dietician Ritu Sharma. M.Sc. (Food & Nutrition)

    • Is your body strong enough to fight the infection on its own or is it dependent upon medicines?
    • Senior Citizens in their GOLDEN YEARS OF LIFE want to enjoy life to the utmost. It is possible only when they are physically and mentally fit. Therefore they need to eat a well planned, balanced mix of foods every day. Healthy eating may also help you control lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes etc.
    • We recommend all senior citizens to have Ri tus Diet Senior Citizen Diet Plan.
  4. SENIOR CITIZEN DIET PLAN One Time/ 3 months /Annual

    • you are besieged with excitement as you begin planning your dream wedding but you are also nervous that you won’t have time to get as fit as you would like to before the big day arrives. Don’t worry; it is definitely not too late. If you want to lose weight for your wedding, our pre-wedding diet plans help brides shed the extra pounds. If you stick to the Ri tus Diet Wedding Diet and follow the menu you’ll definitely feel the benefit even if your wedding date is just days away.
    • After all, nothing beats that feeling of feeling lighter and gorgeous on the wedding day.
  6. WEDDING DIET PLAN One Time/ 3 months
    Don’t skip meals

    • Good nutrition during pregnancy helps keep the mother and baby healthy. What you eat during pregnancy has a great impact on the long term health prospects of your child.
    • Few my clients told they go for crash diet to make sure that they do not put extra weight after the delivery but I always tell them never do so. Never Skip meals as the baby needs regular intake of nutrition. Similarly never go for “empty calories” such as soft drinks candies, desserts and any Junk food. The best you can do is to have Right Diet. Ri tus Diet Customized Diet plan will provide you with several healthy options. 
  8. Pregnant Women Diet Plan ONE TIME/three month/six months

    • Good nutrition is essential for everyone, but it is especially important for growing teenagers.
    • Many teenagers eat junk food every day. This might be sugar-sweetened drinks like fizzy drinks and high-calories snacks like potato chips. However, your body cant run properly on poor fuel. A poor diet can cause weight gain, high blood pressure, constipation, and fatigue and concentration problems – even when you’re young.
    • A healthy diet can help you look and feel great. Your body needs energy and nutrients from food to grow and work properly. If you dont eat a healthy, balanced diet, you would be putting your health and growth, both at risk.
  10. TEEN DIET PLAN One Time/ 3 months/ Annual

    • Whether you are a professional or amateur sportsman, if you wish to perform to the best of your ability then you must provide the best fuel to your body. The best fuel is Healthy Diet - a customized Diet plan consisting of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, fiber and healthy fats. If you don’t work at healthy eating, you are missing an opportunity to enhance and improve your performance.
    • We recommend Ri tus Diet - Sports Diet Plan to those who wants to outperform in the field of sports and are frequently training or participating in sports.
  12. SPORTS DIET PLAN One Time/ 3 months/ Annual

    • Those who have a very low BMI can have serious health consequences. People that are underweight tend to be very tired and prone to exhaustion. The lack of nutrients can also deplete the immune system, making a person much more susceptible to illnesses and infections. If you are struggling to gain weight we at Ri tus Diet  can help you reach your goals.
    • Ri tus Diet Weight Gain Program is a healthy weight gain diet plan which includes the right foods one should consume to put on kilos in a healthy manner.
  14. Weight Gain Program One Time/ 3 months/ Annual
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Dietician Ritu Sharma
M.Sc (Food & Nutrition)
Dietician Ritu sharma ( M.Sc. – (Food & Nutrition)) has more than 18 years of experience.
she earned wide experience from Hospitals, gyms and working with people from all walks of life, be it those in the film industry, politics, sports, housewife or children. Presently she is providing diet consultancy from her clinic “Ritu’s diet“ at Mumbai.