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"Only one who suffer knows the pain one goes through."

( 100 %  Weight loss results for the last 6 years )

Location : MUMBAI
Age : 38 years

I  felt  very  happy  to join  this  programme. As in  this  programme I  am  taking  full  diet  and  still  reducing  weight  dont  feel  any  kind  of  weakness , now  i  am  feeling more  energetic  and  light . Before  this  i  have  never  lost  so  much  weight.

Location : MUMBAI
Age : 47 years

I  lost  around 10  kilos  at  Ritus  diet. More  importantly  value  of  SGPT/SGOT  came down  within  limit  without  any  medication  other  values  eg. lipid  profile  also  came  down  well  within  limit. There  were  long  standing  issues  and  in  past  nothing  much  happened  with  medicines. Ritus diet  been  certainly  helped  me  to  cut  down  medication  level. Also  her  diet  plan  could  set  a  healthy  diet  regime  in  my  life . It  was  a  satisfactory  experience  with  her.

Location : MUMBAI
Age : 46 years

Great  experience !! Ritu  gave  me  idea  of  good  and  nutritious  food. And  her  claim  'no  gimmick , no crash  diet ' and you  dont  feel  that  you  are  craving  for  something .Next  important  thing , her warmth  , she treats  you  like  an  old friend , very  understanding , always  smiling  and  flexible . Thanks

Location : MUMBAI
Age : 44 years

 From  2014 i started  taking  the diabetic medicine 40 mg. Semi  Reclimet.  I  joined  Ritus Diet  on  29th october  2018.  On 23rd august 2019  my  suger  level  was  absouletely  come to  normal  level  and  doctor stopped  my  medicine. Thanks. 

Location : MUMBAI
Age : 40 years

 Best Dietitian i have ever met. Actually i was never in favour of losing weight by dieting because i always thought dieting as starving.But when i met Ritu Maam my entire understanding changed..One doesn't feel as if it is dietry course.It is just eating right at the right time.She is having thorough knowledge of her profession.I would definately recommend her to anyone who want to lose weight. Thank you.

Name, location & age changed on clients request

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Dietician Ritu Sharma
M.Sc (Food & Nutrition)
Dietician Ritu sharma ( M.Sc. – (Food & Nutrition)) has more than 18 years of experience.
she earned wide experience from Hospitals, gyms and working with people from all walks of life, be it those in the film industry, politics, sports, housewife or children. Presently she is providing diet consultancy from her clinic “Ritu’s diet“ at Mumbai.