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Success Stories

"Only one who suffer knows the pain one goes through."

( 100 %  Weight loss results for the last 6 years )

Location : Mumbai
Name : Subhash Chandra
Age : 65 years

I was sufferring from HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE from 35 years,After joining  Ritus Diet, I lost more than 10 kgs and my Blood Pressure medicine reduces from 40 mg to 20 mg. My knee pain reduced  and I participated in the MUMBAI MARATHON also.EVEN I GOT A NEW INSURANCE POLICY AT THE AGE OF 65 YEARS WITHOUT ANY EXTRA PREMIUM DUE TO HEALTH, EARLIER COMPANIES REFUSED TO GIVE FURTHER INSURANCE POLICY DUE TO HEALTH AND AGE.

Location : Chandigarh
Age : 43 years

I always thought that weight loss programs are all about  CRASH DIETING, GOING HUNGRY but it was too surprising when I lost weight by eating sufficiently and never felt as if I am following a diet plan.  I was hearing from many people about Ritus Diet programs  are very easy to follow  and really they do.  Health is extremely important now a days. 

Location : Banglore
Name : Vijay Agarwal
Age : 29 years

I tried many methods to lose weight in my life but I didnt have any result. But after meeting Ritu Sharma my life has totally changed. I She makes as easy diet chart that everybody can follow it easily. Ritus Diet never ask me to skip meals, or just have one type of meal or stay hungry instead she asked me to have proper meals .

Location : mumbai
Name : Soumyadeep sinha
Age : 18 years

Well no actually knw the definition of diet everyone thinks to just skip meal is called diet.i would like to thank Dr ritu to show me the proper way to reduce weight which will sustain for longer period of time thank you very much.....



Location : Mumbai
Name : A. Shah
Age : 23 years

Great Experience, first I joined on 16th March,2010 at 85.5kgs and lost 5.5 kgs till 01/05/2010, then again I joined on 16th Nov,2010 at a weight of 80 kgs and once again lost 3 kgs till 08/12/2010. Overall it's a good feeling to see my weight drop.

Name, location & age changed on clients request

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Dietician Ritu Sharma
M.Sc (Food & Nutrition)
Dietician Ritu sharma ( M.Sc. – (Food & Nutrition)) has more than 18 years of experience.
she earned wide experience from Hospitals, gyms and working with people from all walks of life, be it those in the film industry, politics, sports, housewife or children. Presently she is providing diet consultancy from her clinic “Ritu’s diet“ at Mumbai.