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"Only one who suffer knows the pain one goes through."

( 100 %  Weight loss results for the last 6 years )

Location : Mumbai
Name : Pooja
Age : 39 years

Trying to lose weight is not easy and if you have tried it on your own and failed it becomes even more difficult. It was at this point that I SOUGHT RITU'S HELP AND I AM GLAD I DID. HER PLANS ARE SIMPLE AND EASY TO FOLLOW. It has clear cut goals, a direction and is well planned and with her guidance insightful tips and gentle reminders. I was able to achieve my target.

Location : Hyderabad
Name : Anju
Age : 37 years

My daughter 6 years old  was suffering frequently with  cold and  cough.I was upset giving time and again antibiotics and medicines. I met Dietician Ritu Sharma and she told me that by giving her  healthy food  her immunity will be strong.

I thank her  for her advice and joind  Ri tus Diet therapy program, since then the use of medicines and her getting frequent cold and cough got reduced.

Location : Mumbai
Name : Ravi Arora
Age : 67 years

At my age 67 years, I thought I would never be able to lose weight. But then severe knee pain which was hampering my day today activities can only be overcome if I reduce my weight. one day I happen to see Ritu's advertisement and under Ritu's guidance I did lose my weight from 73. 2 kgs to 68 kgs. It reduced my dependability on others

Name, location & age changed on clients request

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Dietician Ritu Sharma
M.Sc (Food & Nutrition)
Dietician Ritu sharma ( M.Sc. – (Food & Nutrition)) has more than 18 years of experience.
she earned wide experience from Hospitals, gyms and working with people from all walks of life, be it those in the film industry, politics, sports, housewife or children. Presently she is providing diet consultancy from her clinic “Ritu’s diet“ at Mumbai.