Cancellation and Refund Policy

As a general policy decision, no cancellation or termination of a program is allowed. It may be, at the discretion of the Dietitian, however be allowed in exceptional circumstances.

Howsoever, if it is determined that exceptional circumstances do exist and the User / Client does want to seek refund of the package amount paid before the feedback forms are submitted, all of the below stated conditions will be applicable to such refunds:

a. Refund will be affected after deducting Rs. 3000/- (Dietitian consultancy charges) from the amount received in our bank and will have no responsibility to pay the amount deducted by the payment gateways / banks.

b. Time period for refund: User / client shall submit a written request for refund along with complete information as to the reason of such request and payment details. Ritus Diet shall peruse such request and only upon finding the User / Client to be eligible, shall approve the request and proceed with refunding such amount (as has been paid). Ritus Diet will affect the refund within 10 working days from the date of approval. It shall not be responsible for any errors or delays in refund due to banks or third-party service provider errors or delays.

c. Mode for refund: Refunds shall be paid back to the source of payment. Refunds will not be processed to third-party accounts, i.e. the name provided in the User / Client Account should match with the name of the bank account holder provided for refund via NEFT. A refund initiation confirmation shall be sent to the registered email address or mobile number of the User / Client.

d. Terminated Payment Mode: If the original payment method used to make the payment (credit or debit card or net banking) is no longer valid, Ritus Diet will issue the refund through a cheque.

In case of any failure of payment, a cheque may be issued to the address mentioned by User / Client to proceed with the refund post discussion with the User / Client through the registered mobile number or email address. In case any member has paid twice for the same transaction then the company will refund one time amount within 20 days after confirming the same to the member by registered e –mail after making such deductions as may be applicable (refer to sub clause (a) above).