Diet Online

Step 1:

Choose a Ritus Diet program that matches your needs and goals. Fill in the ENROLLMENT FORM provided below.

Step 2:

Check the summary to verify your details and make the payment of the program fee. Upon successful payment processing, you will receive login credentials on your registered email ID.

Step 3:

Once the payment has been validated from the backend, your account will be activated. Use the login credentials to fill the REGISTRATION FORM. Please ensure you provide correct information as the dietitian will prepare your diet plan based on this.

Step 4:

In your dashboard, fill the DAILY MENU FEEDBACK FORM for three to five consecutive days. You can attach photographs, medical reports, and input your weight. Our experts at Ritus Diet will review the information submitted and prepare a customized Diet Plan based on your selected program/goals. Allow us 3 working days to complete your plan after receiving comprehensive information.

Step 5:

Receive your diet plan on your registered email ID or access it from your website dashboard. Follow the plan strictly to achieve desired results. Our Customized Diet Plan is easy to follow as we do not recommend medicines, pills, crash diets, fasting, or food supplements. We believe in the power of real food.

We are here to support you throughout your journey. For any assistance, reach out to our dedicated support team. Get ready to experience the transformative power of Ritus Diet!